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Condition: Very Good – 733 Pages

The Speer Reloading Manual – Rifle & Pistol – No 13 is an invaluable resource for reloading data. It is enhanced with numerous pictures and charts.

Topics include the following:

  • Handloading: A Hobby for a Lifetime
  • Speer Rifle Bullets: Their Characteristics and Uses
  • Modern Cartridges and Their Components
  • Velocity, Energy and Pressure
  • Safety in Reloading
  • From the Loading Bench to the Range: A Step by Step Guide to Reloading Rifle Cartridges
  • Fine Tuning the Loading Process: Advanced Techniques from Experts’ Notebooks
  • Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting
  • Automating the Loading Process: Progressive Reloading Equipment
  • When All Else Fails: Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Exterior Ballistics: Flight Planning for Bullets
  • Rifle Reloading Data
  • Speer Handgun Bullets: A Usage Guide
  • Reloading Handgun Cartridges: A Step-By-Step Guide
  • “Why Ballisticians Get Gray!”
  • Handgun Reloading Data
  • Reloading Handgun Shotshells
  • Speer Plastic Target Ammunition
  • Reference Section:
    • Conversion Tables
    • Speer Ballistics Tables
    • Velocity Variation with Temperature

Printed in 1998 – First Printing – 733 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Very Good.


Author – Speer Products Co

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Used – Speer Reloading Manual – No 13
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