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Condition: Fair – 320 Pages

The Handloader’s Digest – 6th Edition is full of invaluable reloading information and articles written by noted people in the shooting circle. It is enhanced by numerous pictures, schematics and data charts.

Topics include the following:

  • A Handloader’s Miscellany by Bob Hagel
  • Let’s Pattern That Shotgun by Wallace Labisky
  • Better Ballistics and Short Magnums by James D Mason
  • Bullet Alignment vs Accuracy by Norman E Johnson
  • Barrel Life
  • Solving Problems in English by Ken Waters
  • Handloading Today by John T Amber
  • A Rare Case by Dick Ceremsak
  • Knucklehead Kartidge Kramming
  • Reflections on the 7mm Calibers by RF Chatfield-Taylor
  • Handloading the BRI 12-GA/500 Sabot Bullet by Wallace Labisky
  • New Loading Technique for Muzzle-loading Shotguns by Major RO Ackerman
  • Simple Calculator Solvers Accuracy Problems by HO Davidson
  • Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow by Don Martin
  • The 375-284 – A Magnum for Lever Actions by Peter J Spiliotis
  • Telepacific Chronograph by Burton T Miller
  • Shotgun Ballistics & Load Selection by LL Schneider
  • Why Reload? by Clarence Massey
  • Ponsness-Warren Presses by Bob Bell
  • Hercules Blue Dot
  • Ideal Hand Book No 4
  • Remington’s Model 788 in 44 Magnum by George West
  • Long Range Loads by Francis E Sell
  • Quest for Accuracy by Bob Hagel
  • Handload the 8mm Nambu by Larry S Sterett
  • Norma’s 205 Powder by Ralph Avery
  • Remington Plastic Wad Data
  • Trajectoty Chronograph by Peyton Autry
  • Reloading the 30-06 by John Lachuk
  • Handy Hints for Handloaders by VP Kisner
  • The 250 Savage Refuses to Die by Vernon E Megee
  • Cartridge Dimension Tables by Hal Mallet
  • Three Steps to Practical Accuracy by MH McClung

Printed in 1972 – 320 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Fair.


Author – John T Amber

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Used – Handloader’s Digest – 6th Edition
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