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Condition: Good – 208 Pages

The Handbook of Cast Bullets contains a wealth of historical information about bullets plus casting and reloading data. Includes numerous photos, charts, schematics, diagrams and articles written by the top shooters of yesterday.

The three sections address the following topics:

  • Articles:
    • How to Make Your own Bullets
    • Tips on Casting Bullets
    • Sizing, Lubricating and Care of Moulds
    • Accuracy from Cast Bullets
    • Selecting the Right Bullet for Your Gun
    • The Lyman Ammunition Reloading Hand Book
    • How a Bullet Mould is Made

  • The History of the Bullet
    • Bullets to 1775
    • Bullets of the Revolution
    • The Elongated Bullets
    • Bullets of the Civil War
    • Whitworth and Berdan Bullets
    • Bullets for Metallic Cases
    • Bullets for Shotguns

  • Data Section: Complied by Elmer Keith, Ray Thompson, Jim Harvey and many other top American shooters.

Printed in July, 1958 – 208 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good – Some Notations by Previous Owner.


Author – Lyman Gun Sight Corp

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Used – Handbook of Cast Bullets
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