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Condition: Good – 348 Pages

The Ted Trueblood Hunting treasury is not only full of practical hunting tips but philosophies garnered from an avid love of hunting, the outdoors and nature. It is enhanced by 100 photographs.

Topics include the following:

  • Point of View
    • Don’t Wait Too Long
  • Deer Hunting Beats All
    • The Old and the New
    • Fundamentals of Deer Hunting
    • I Don’t Want to Kill a Deer
    • What to Do After You Shoot It
  • Cooking on Hunting Trips and at Home
    • Skillet Skill
    • Two Foolproof Methods of Camp Cooking
  • Hunting Other Big Game
    • Matching Wits with Elk
    • Reward for Virtue
    • One Day, One Antelope
    • Moose Are Too Big
    • Spell of the High Country
  • Skills of the Seasoned Hunter
    • Test It First
    • Of Boys and Guns
    • My Six-Ounce Bench Rest
    • Beware the One-Wire Fence
    • The Wild, Free Days
    • Make Sure You Missed
    • Hunting Clothes
    • Hunting in the Snow
  • When The Hunter Camps
    • Selecting the Right Tent
    • Knives, Axes, and Sharpening Them
  • Lore of the Master Woodsman
    • Tracking Your Game
    • Foiling Game’s Keen Nose
    • How to Sit Still
    • How Not to Get Lose
    • Lost!
  • A Dog Makes a Difference
    • How Not to train Hunting Dogs
    • Is That So?
  • The Upland-Bird Mystique
    • The Great Dove Gun
    • The Wild, Wild Pheasant
    • Pheasant-Hunting Wisdom
    • A Day on Fluster Flat
    • Magnificent Midget
    • A Hint of Fall
    • The Education of Ruff
    • A Day with Huns
    • Chuker Tactics
    • The Successful Failure
  • Solving Shotgun Mysteries
    • Shotgun Fit
    • The Mysteries of Lead
    • You Need a Scapegoat
    • Covey Birds
  • The Mania Called Duck Hunting
    • Laws of Duck Hunting
    • Make the Ducks Come to You
    • Mysterious Journey
    • Other Values
    • From Blind to Table
  • Whither Hunting and the Hunter?
    • Days on Bunny Mountain
    • Must This Be?
    • Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Printed in 1978 – 348 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Author – Ted Trueblood

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Used – The Ted Trueblood Hunting Treasury
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