Used – The Making of Tools



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Condition: Very Good – 93 Pages

So, are you tired of not having the correct tool for the job or the tool you have is so poorly made that it’s useless? Then this is a “must” have book for you! It includes how to design, sharpen and temper tools using basic shop equipment and scrap steel. Enhanced with numerous detailed drawings of the progression from raw material to finished hand made tool!

Contents include the following:

  • A Beginner’s Workshop
  • Tempering Steel
  • Making the First Tool: A Screw Driver
  • Making a Cold Chisel and Other Simple Tools
  • Making Stonecarving Tools
  • Sharpening Tools
  • Making Carpenter’s Chisels
  • Making Cutting Tools
  • Making Eye Bolts and Hooks
  • Making Tool Handles
  • Making Hammers
  • Making Sculptor’s Woodcarving Gouges
  • Making a Seating Cutter and Hinge Joints
  • Making Tinsnips
  • Making Wire and Nail Cutters
  • Making Large Shears
  • Making Pliers
  • Applying Color Patina to Steel Surfaces

Printed in 1973 93 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Very Good.


Author – Alexander G Weygers

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Used – The Making of Tools
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