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Condition: Good 196 Pages

The Catch and The Feast unfolds an exciting new lifestyle. It is a sporting volume and a cookbook for all seasons, one that the sportsman and the kitchen gourmet will turn to and enjoy. The authors – a city girl and her sportsman husband – tell their experience of each hunt/catch and then share the recipe for each. Enhanced with color pictures.

Hunts and feasts are as follows:

  • Deer Hunt a Deux
  • The Wild Goose Hunt
  • Pheasant: Elegant Feast and Feathers
  • The Boar and Bear Adventure
  • Enticing a Wild Turkey
  • Wild Duck in Honey
  • Mixed Bag of Small Game
  • The Trout Ritual
  • Bass by Night
  • Le Sport Blue
  • Fishing the Lakes
  • Frutti di Mars
  • Frogs’ Legs and Snapping Turtle Soup
  • The Harvest of Jellies and Liqueurs
  • Lures, Decoys and Paraphernalia
  • Memorabilia

Printed in 1969 – 198 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Authors – Joie and Bill McGrail

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Used – The Catch and The Feast
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