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Condition: Good – 351 Pages

The Book of Shooting for Sport and Skill includes all manner of shooting disciplines from pistol/rifle, target/hunting, bench-rest, silhouette, air guns plus more. Proper gun care and maintenance and shooting accessories are discussed. This offering is a collaboration of seasoned, successful shooters from both American and England. It is enhanced with numerous pictures and drawings. This is a must have book for those wishing to improve their marksman skills.

Topics include the following:

  • The Evolution of the Gun by Frederick Wilkinson
  • Guns for the Shooting Sport
  • Making a Best London Gun by David Winks
  • Care and Maintenance by Frederick Wilkinson
  • Ammunition, Ballistics and Reloading by Major R Greenwood
  • Gear: Equipment and Accessories
  • Target Pistol Shooting by John Chandler
  • Practical Pistol Shooting by Nigel Hinton
  • Police Combat Pistol Shooting by Sgt James E Collins
  • Metallic Silhouette Pistol Shooting by Elgin Gates
  • Fullbore Rifle Shooting by Kenneth Brechin
  • Three Position Rifle Shooting by Malcolm Cooper
  • BB Guns and Plinking by Lee and Marilynn La Combe
  • Metallic Silhouette Rifle Shooting by Roy F Dunlap
  • Bench-rest Rifle Shooting by Dr Alonso Garcelon
  • Air Rifle Shooting by Derck Robinson
  • Air Pistol Shooting by Dr Lazlo Abtal
  • Black Powder Shooting by John and Margot Bell
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting by Norman F Cooper
  • Game Shooting in the UK by Carey Keats
  • Hunting in the US by Stuart Williams
  • Ranges: Design and Construction by Brian D Kett
  • Historic Shooting Guilds by DeWitt Bailey
  • The Gun Law in England by David Penn
  • The Gun Law in Scotland by Matthew Pumfrey
  • The Gun Law in the US by Jan Stevenson

Printed in 1980 – 351 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Editor – Frederick Wilkinson

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Used – The Book of Shooting for Sport and Skill
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