Used – Hunting The Uplands With Rifle And Shotgun



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Condition: Good – 214 Pages

Hunting The Uplands with Rifle And Shotgun was written by an avid upland game hunter. It includes invaluable and timeless information on upland game, their behavior, how to locate specific game, what to wear, weaponry and ammunition. Enhanced with numerous pictures.

Topics include the following:

  • The Shotgun
    • Hunting the Uplands with Shotgun
    • Ammunition Highlights
    • The How-To of Wing Shooting
    • The Unsurpassed Ruffed Grouse
    • Hunting Western Grouse
    • Mystery Migrant of the Uplands – the Woodcock
    • Hunting the Gaudy Ringneck
    • The American Quail
    • Gunning for Huns and Chukars
    • Dove Hunting Know-How
    • Wild Turkey Comeback
    • Rabbit and Squirrel – America’s Most Popular Game
    • Gun Dogs for Upland Game
    • The Bird Hunter’s Wardrobe
    • Shotgun Safety
  • The Rifle
    • Hunting the Uplands with Rifle
    • Hunting Upland Deer
    • The Ever-Popular Whitetail
    • Natural History of the Whitetail
    • Trail Watching Pays Off
    • The Art of Stalking and Tracking
    • The Productive Deer Drive
    • Tactics for Western Deer
    • Buck Fever and Its Cure
    • The Deer Hunter’s Wardrobe
    • Don’t Get Lost
    • Gun Safety and Sportsmanship

Printed in 1977 – 214 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Author – Luther A Anderson

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Used – Hunting The Uplands With Rifle And Shotgun
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