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Condition: Good – 320 Pages

This Hunter’s Digest offers expert know-how for every hunter. Articles include the best ways, times and places to hunt large and small game, how to develop hunting skills – how to be a better shot, how to decoy game plus all about hunting dogs – how to choose, train and use them. Enhanced with numerous pictures.

Articles include the following:

  • Deer Hunting, North America by Erwin A Bauer
  • Attention Hunters: Lose People to Find More Game by Nate Sage
  • Dove Hunting, Quail Style by Jim Tallon
  • Jackpot Bulls by Charles J Farmer
  • Hints on Healthy Hunting by C Joseph Cross, MD
  • Winter Music by Ed Park
  • Now Any Duck Hunter Has a Chance on Iowa’s Lake Odessa by Hank Bradshaw
  • How to Select Your Big Game Outfitter by Bill Browning
  • Wild Goose Chase by Charlie Barnett
  • Sketches of Small Game Animals by Tom Remington
  • Valley of the Mad Elephants by Maxwell M Miller III
  • Stalking the Gutty One by Charles J Farmer
  • The Happy Hunting Camp by Tom Hardin
  • Big Game Safari Around the World by Erwin A Bauer
  • Poltergeist in the Uplands by Frank Woolner
  • The Happy Hunting Grounds by Karl Maslowski
  • Marmots in the Rockies by Joe Jackson
  • What America Owes the “Killers” by Erwin A Bauer
  • Flexible Quail and Other Birds by Charles F Waterman
  • How to Photograph Your Hunt by Bill Browning
  • Night Life of a Cottontail by Karl Maslowski
  • Bull Moose Are Up High by Charles J Farmer
  • Calling All Critters by Russell Tinsley
  • Report on the World’s Waterfowl by Arnie Juuni
  • Old Mose by Cal Queal
  • Tricks of Turkey Hunting by Max Hunn
  • Decoys Made Easy: Carve Your Goose Before You Bag It by Jim Daubel
  • Any Hunter’s Best Friend by Bill Boatman
  • How to Free-Lance Ducks by Erwin A Bauer
  • Modern Bowhunting by Russell Tinsley
  • Brackish Water Bucks by Mark Sosin
  • How to be a Better Wingshot by Ed Hutchins
  • Preparing for Opening Day by Barney Peters
  • Waterfowl Decoys and How to Use Them by Joe Jackson
  • The Texas Exotics Picture by Byron W Dalrymple
  • Whither the Wild Ringnecks by Dave Bowring
  • Lethal Wounds in Big Game Animals by Julius M Kowalski MD
  • In Summertime Try Snappers by Charles Nansen
  • Rice-Field Geese Never Change by Russell Tinsley
  • Hunting the “Hav-a-leena” by John R Reid
  • Wilson Snipe: A Surprise Package That’s Fun to Miss by Sam Venable, Jr
  • How I Preserve Meat in Camp by Frank T Sayers
  • The Great Debate: Big Game Calibers by Gary Gillespie
  • Let the Squirrels Decide by Dugan Scott
  • Brittany: The Bird Hunter’s Beagle by Dave Bowring
  • Royal Flush! by Frank Woolner
  • Tune-Up on Squirrels by Ken Bourbon
  • The Poor Man’s Duck Club by John C Fell
  • A Half-Dozen Great New Ideas for the Outdoorsman
  • Rx for Summer Doldrums: Pigeons by the Millions by Charles Nansen
  • Hare in the Snow by Frank Woolner
  • Tennessee’s Wild Bore by Bob Burch
  • Our Antelope at Home on the Range by Peggy Peters

Printed in 1973 – 320 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – Erwin A Bauer

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Used – Hunter’s Digest
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