Used – Gun Digest Hunting Annual – 1984 – 1st Edition



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Condition: Very Good – 224 Pages

This 1st Edition – 1984 – Gun Digest Hunting Annual is full of timeless and invaluable information on improving hunting skills. Written by hunters for hunters! Enhanced with numerous pictures, charts, maps and schematics.

Topics include the following:

  • Africa’s Dangerous Big Five by Jack Lott
  • America’s Pheasant Hotspots by Lance Cornell
  • Four Steps to Ringneck Success by Don Zutz
  • The Small Game Challenge – Squirrels by Don Lewis
  • Trajectory Control – Key to Bowhunting Success by Chuck Adams
  • Hit Their Vitals…Get Your Vittles by Leonard Le RueIII
  • Black Bear Tales by Hal Swiggett
  • Using Today’s Decoys by Tom Roster
  • Antelope Mecca by Sam Fadala
  • Big Game Bullets by Rick Jamison
  • The Mag Seven’s Enough by Clay Harvey
  • Custom Guns in the Field by John Amber
  • Aoudad – American Style by Dick Eades
  • Black Powder Can Kill! by Sam Fadala
  • Conning Clever Coyote by John Lachuk
  • Hunting Waterfowl by Ed Matunas
  • The Hunter’s Edge by Jim Woods
  • Every Elk is a Trophy Elk by Chuck Adams
  • Spain’s Big Game by Frank Petrini
  • Wyoming – A Wildlife Management Success Story by Al Langston
  • Chuker – The Bird That Won the West by Paula Del Giudice
  • Shotguns & Cottontails by Don Lewis
  • Hunt South Africa! by Ted Gorsline
  • Move Fast and Bust Mulies by Rick Jamison
  • A Western Dream Hunt – Is It for You? by Jim Zumbo
  • Dove Hunting Tips and Techniques by Lance Cornell
  • Lightweight Rifles Are Back by Clat Harvey
  • The Historic Whitetail by Dan L Flores
  • Hill’s Side: Some Things Never Change by Gene Hill

Printed in 1983 – 224 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – Robert SL Anderson

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Used – Gun Digest Hunting Annual – 1984 – 1st Edition
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