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Condition: Good – 182 Pages

The Outdoor Life – Deer Hunter’s Yearbook – 1987 is full of timeless game and hunting articles written by the knowledgeable staff at Outdoor Life. It is enhanced with numerous pictures, charts and diagrams.

Topics include the following:

  • Man: The Ultimate Stalker by Valerius Geist
  • The Quarry
    • How to Read A Big Buck’s Mind by John O Cartier
    • Megabucks by Kathy Etling
    • Mystery Of The Muley/Whitetail by Jeff Murray
    • Deer’s Ears And How To Fool Them by John Weiss
    • How Old Is Your Buck? by Leonard Lee Rue III
    • Amazing Antlers And How They Grow by Kathy Etling
  • Hunting Whitetail Deer
    • More Land To Hunt Deer by John O Cartier
    • Plot Your Buck: How To Forecast The Rut by Jerald Bullis
    • Whitetails On The Map by John H Williams
    • Places Without Faces For Whitetails by Jeff Murray
    • The Wiliest Of Whitetails by John H Williams
    • Web-Footed Whitetails by Ben Conger
    • Float A River, Tag A Buck by Tom Huggler
    • Common Scents For Deer by Harlan Kaden
    • Good Deer Hunting On Bad Days by Coy F Hollis
    • Whitetails In The Wind by Bill McRae
    • Lessons From The Stalkers by Peter Miller
  • Hunting Mule Deer
    • Crazy Places To Find Muleys by Jim Zumbo
    • Muleys In The Grass by Ron Spomer
    • Aspen Pocket Muleys by Kathy Etling
    • Methods For Mature Muleys by Doyle Markham
    • How To Hunt For Success by Bill McRae
    • Tracking A Trophy Area by Maury Jones
  • Guns And Shooting
    • How To Buy A Used Gun by Russ Carpenter
    • Zero In On The Perfect Scope by Bob Bell
    • Good Shooting In Bad Light by Bill McRae
    • How Far Is Too Far? by Jim Carmichel
    • Perfect Blackpowder Load For Deer by Rick Hacker
  • Bows And Hunting
    • World’s Best Bowhunter? by Jeff Murray
    • Rig Your Bow For Big Game by Rich LaRocco
    • Bowhunting The Early Season Slump by Dan Brockman
  • Safety And Survival
    • Staying Warm In A Tree Stand by Jeff Murray
    • Hypothermia! by Kent Horner
    • How To Prevent Hunting Accidents by Kirk H Beattie
    • Game Robbers: What If It’s Your Buck They’re After? by Douglas Zimmer
  • The Venison
    • How To Tame A Gamey Buck by Valerius Geist
    • Marinades For All Seasons by Roxanne Anton
    • Quick ‘N Easy Venison Delights by John Weiss

Printed in 1986 – 182 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – George H Haas

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Used – Deer Hunter’s Yearbook – 1987 – Outdoor Life
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