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Condition: Very Good – 155 Pages

The Advanced Bass Fishing Skills: Best Lures, Techniques and Presentations fro the Ultimate Bass Fishing Library contains invaluable information on honing bass fishing skills! Enhanced with numerous full color pictures, schematics and drawings. All presented in leather binding.

Contents include the following:

  • Techniques
    • Targeting Bass
    • Striking Moves
    • Flipping and Pitching
    • Finesse Fishing: Beyond the Basics
    • Carolina Rigging
    • Deep-Structure Primer
  • Lure Selection: How the Pros Know What to Throw
  • Plastics
    • Rigging Plastics
    • Lizard Fishing Lessons
    • Trends in Grubbin’
    • The Art of Worm Fishing
    • Creature Baits
    • Western Patterns for Tube Baits
    • Bass Fishing with Crawfish Clones
    • Humble French Fry Gains Notoriety
    • New Tricks for Spider Grubs
  • Hard Baits
    • Get a Ph.D. in Spinnerbaiting
    • New Wrinkles in Spoonin’
    • Four Seasons of Jigs
    • Swimming for Trophy Largemouth
  • Topwater Lures
    • Choosing and Using Topwater Lures
    • Targeting Poppers
    • Don’t Overlook Prop Baits
    • Surface Darters: Unsung Topwaters
    • New Dimensions for Soft Plastic Jerkbaits
    • Fish a Fake Frog for Summer Bass
    • Making the Most of Buzzbaits
  • Underwater Plugs
    • Hit ‘Em with Crankbaits
    • Finesse Crankbaits for Tough Times
    • Deep Cranking for Pain and Profit
    • Getting the Most from Lipless Crankbaits
    • Jerkbaits: The Best in the Box

Printed in 2003 – 155 pages – Leather bound. Condition: Very Good.


Edited by Dave Precht

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Used – Advanced Bass Fishing Skills
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