Used – Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in it’s Golden Age



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Condition: Very Good – 561 Pages

This exceptional book, written by the long standing authority of early American gunsmiths, Joe Kindig Jr, is a must have for anyone studying or recreating authentic 1750 to 1850 style rifles! Included are 262 full page examples from the author’s personal collection along with information about the different schools of gunsmithing architecture employed to create these functional works of art. It is true “Eye Candy”.

Topics include the following:

  • On the Frontiersman
  • On the Gunsmith
  • On the Kentucky Itself
  • On the Kentucky as a Collectable
  • Pre-Revolutionary Kentuckys with Wooden Patch Box Lids
  • Pre-Revolutionary Kentuckys with Brass Patch Boxes
  • The Lancaster School
  • The Bethlehem School
  • The Womelsdorf-Reading School
  • The Lebanon School
  • The Dauphin School
  • The York School
  • The Littlestown School
  • The Emmitsburg School
  • The Chambersburg School
  • Gunsmiths of Lancaster County by SE Dyke

Printed in 1964 – 561 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Very Good.


Author – Joe Kendig Jr

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Used – Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in it’s Golden Age
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