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Condition: Good – 383 Pages

The Sportsman’s Gun Book is a compilation of material that covers nearly every gun buff’s interest! It is enhanced with numerous pictures, schematics, charts and drawings.

Topics include the following:

  • Firearms in Frontier America by ML Browm
  • Varmint Loads for the 30-06 by Oris Clayton
  • Is It Too Late to Start Collecting? by JB Wood
  • The Versatile Combination Gun by Jerome Knap
  • Magnum..Shmagnum by Norman Nelson Jr
  • Questions & Answers Black Powder Style by Sam Fadala
  • Loads for Light Rifles by Bill Davidson
  • Whatever Happened to the T-48? by Robert C Seccombe & Dan Andrews
  • Firearms Photography – Kinks and Wrinkles by Dean Grennell
  • Come to Grips with Your Handgun by JB Wood
  • The Secret of the Old Master by Lucian Cary
  • Full Circle by Bob Bell
  • Shameful Shots by Dick Eades
  • Chuck Hunting with a Muzzleloader by Nick Sisley
  • Random Thoughts on Reloading Questions by Dean Grennell
  • Savage Automatic Pistols by William Lambdin
  • Ricochet! by Rodney James
  • Tips on Firing Pins by Neils Hansen
  • Hunting Accuracy: How Good is Good Enough? by Christopher Andrews
  • Champion Marksman Ad Topperwein by Norman Wiltsey
  • Custom vs. Factory Rifles by Col Tom Turpin
  • The Gun That Triggered the Sullivan Law by Herbert R Gopstein
  • US Army Antitank Guns by Konrad F Schreier Jr
  • The Hunter’s Place by David Dale Dickey
  • The Basics of Handgun Hunting Equipment by Chuck Adams
  • Jeffrey’s Guns, Rifles & General Shooting Accessories
  • Kids & Guns by Bud Lang
  • Military Automatic Pistols of Royal Spain by James B Stewart
  • Gun Collecting by Geoffrey Bootroyd
  • JM Shoots Twice by Lucian Cary
  • Pick the Right Load for Better Upland Gunning by Norm Nelson Jr
  • Why Not Collect Actions? by Darel Magee
  • British Big-Bore Signal Pistols by Lt Vagn GB Christensen
  • Handloading and the Traveling Man by Michael Venturino
  • Famous Guns of the Old West – The Repeaters by Norman B Wiltsey
  • Your Gun Collection… Legacy or Liability? by Rodney Washburn
  • Evolution of the All-Purpose Plastic Shotshell by CR Suydam
  • The 45 Colt Revival by Frank B Petrini
  • How Do You Say? by Jay Barclay
  • It’s A Bear by Charles Walker
  • Coyote Loads by Rick Jamison
  • The Spring-Piston Airgun by Chuck Adams
  • Are Your A Gun Nut Too? by Buddy Kelly
  • The Fallible Infallible by Donald M Simmons Jr
  • Japanese Semi-Auto Rifles 1931-1937 by Fred Honeycutt Jr
  • Maximizing Performance from 9mm Auto Pistols by Jams D Mason
  • Center Shot to Win by Lucian Cary
  • Why the Big Magnums for Moose? by Byron Dalrymple
  • Recycled Woodsman by Codman Parkerson
  • Reflections on the 375 by Jon R Sundra
  • Gun Control Canada and Visitor by GN Dentay
  • US .22 Rimfire Military Rifles…and How They Were Used by Konrad F Schreier Jr
  • Rifle Cartridge Power: Stopping? Killing? Shocking? Which is the One You Want? by Guy G Germano
  • Reloading for Fun by Donald M Simmons
  • Of Course I Wanted It Fixed Today by JB Wood
  • A Couple of Czech Autos by AW Brian
  • Firearms Values by Jay Barclay
  • Flintlock Shooting Match by Norman B Wiltsey
  • Guns of the Canadian Red Devils by GN Dentay
  • Scope Mounting the Easy Way by Bob Steindler

Printed in 1982 – 383 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Edited by Harold A Murtz

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Used – The Sportman’s Gun Book
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