Used – The Rifle in America – 2nd Edition – 1947



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Condition: Good – 782 Pages

This is a must have” for anyone researching specifications and historical data of guns manufactured in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
It contains timeless hard to find information and is enhanced by numerous pictures, schematics and
data charts.

Contents are as follows:

  • Rifle History
  • The Early Springfields
  • The Percussion Rifle
  • The Development of the Cartridge
  • The Earl American Cartridge Rifle
  • The Birth and Development of the Modern Rifle
  • The Small Game Rifle
  • Metallic Sights
  • Telescope Sights, Target and Hunting
  • Colt and His Rifles
  • The Sharps Rifle
  • Winchester – Its Growth and Development
  • The Winchester Rifle
  • Olin Industries – Parent of Winchester and The Western Cartridge Company
  • Remington and UMC – Growth and Development
  • The Remington Rifle
  • The Savage Rifle
  • The Story of Stevens and Pope
  • The Stevens Rifle
  • The Ballard Rifle
  • The Marlin Rifle
  • The Iver Johnson Rifle
  • The Mossberg Rifle
  • The Johnson Automatic Rifles
  • The Garand Rifle – Its History and Development
  • The Winchester Carbine – Its History and Development
  • The “Springfield” in World War II
  • Choosing Your Gun and Ammunition
  • Home Gunsmithing
  • The Custom Gun
  • The Military Rifles of the World Wars
  • Military Rifles of World War II
  • War Trophies – Those Souvenirs
  • The Care of Your Rifle
  • What’s the Range?
  • The National Rifle Association and Target Shooting
  • The Future American Rifle
  • American Cartridges of Today
  • Ballistic Specifications for Centerfire Rifle Cartridges
  • Barrel Dimensions

Printed in 1947 – Second Edition – 782 pages – Hard Bound. Condition: Good.


Author – Philip B Sharpe

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Used – The Rifle in America – 2nd Edition – 1947
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