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Condition: Very Good – 391 Pages

No theme in history has captured the imagination as has the American West. And no objects in the annals of the West have fascinated collectors, historians, students and the public more than the arms: guns, Bowie and other knives, tomahawks and a myriad of other weaponry. These are the Peacemakers, a nickname given to Samuel Colt in 1847 (“Peace Maker”) and the trade name given to the most renowned of all Western arms: Colt’s 1873 Single Action Army .45 caliber revolver. In a broader sense, these are the arms that were instrumental tools in taming a wild frontier, eventually assuming a more peaceful role in recreating the West on stage and screen – and ultimately becoming among the most prized objects of Americana to collectors and museums. In this unique tribute to the West, the author has produced the definitive and most lavishly illustrated book ever on the weaponry of the West and its colorful and intriguing users. In 320 full-color and 215 black-and-white illustrations with indepth text and captions, the broad range of arms and users is detailed.

The contents are as follows:

  • #1 – Indians: Arms & the First Americans
  • #2 – Trailblazers & Mountain Men
  • #3 – The Army: An Evolving Arsenal
  • #4 – In Search of Glitter
  • #5 – Gamblers, Madams, Gunfighters & Outlaws
  • #6 – Peace Officers: Backing Up the Badge
  • #7 – Cowboys & Ranchers: “Shooting Irons”
  • #8 – Sodbusters, Shopkeepers & Wells Fargo
  • #9 – Hunters & Gentlemen-Sportsmen
  • #10 – Wild West Showmen & Women
  • #11 – Arming the Fictional West
  • #12 – On the Path of the Peacemakers

This book is a treasure well worth owning! Printed in 1992 – Signed by Author – 391 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Very Good.


Author – RL Wilson

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Used – The Peacemakers Arms & Adventure in the American West
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