Used – The Lure of Antique Arms



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Condition: Good – 146 Pages

This book, written by a major firearms authority is full of timeless and invaluable information on collecting and caring for guns.
It is enhanced by over fifty fine photographs taken by Bruce Pendleton.

Topics include the following:

  • A Glossary of Arm’s Collector’s Terms
  • Types of Guns – How to Tell a Snaphaunce from a Spencer
  • Parts and Accessories – What Bits Go with what Pieces
  • Guns used in America – Did Columbus have a Flintlock? – Why did John Paul Jones wear Five Pistols in his Belt?
  • Who made Guns in the United States? – From Smith to Factory
  • What to Collect – There are Still Plenty Left
  • Where to Look – Shows, Shops and Luck
  • How to Tell a Fake – A Tricky Piece of Business
  • How to Spot a Rarity – It’s All a Matter of Knowing
  • Reproductions – Are Modern Commemoratives Worth Collecting?
  • How to Care for Guns – Dirt can Mess Up Your Collection

Printed in 1976 – 146 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Author – Merrill Lindsay

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Used – The Lure of Antique Arms
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