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Condition: Good – 124 Pages

The Kentucky Rifle is an invaluable study of the origin and development of a purely American style of firearm with accurate historical data concerning early Colonial gunsmiths. It is enhanced with numerous pictures, schematics and charts. Please Note: This copy is signed by Milo B Taylor, California.

Topics include the following:

  • The Name Kentucky
  • The Evolution of the American Rifle
  • The Kentucky and Game
  • The Rifle That was Needed
  • Where and by Whom the Kentucky Rifle was Made
  • Materials Used
  • Characteristics of the Early Rifle
  • Flintlock Barrels
  • Who Rifled the Barrels
  • The Pioneer and his Rifle
  • Triggers and Sights of the Flintlock Days
  • Powder, Bullets, Velocities and Penetration
  • The Flintlock as a Practical Arm
  • The Rifle in the Revolution
  • Powder Horns and Game Bags
  • The Rifle and the Redskin
  • Identification of Kentucky Rifles
  • Spurious Kentuckys and Forgeries
  • Reconditioning Flintlocks
  • The Passing of the Kentucky Rifle

Printed in 1924 – 124 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Good.


Author – Captain John GW Dillin

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Used – The Kentucky Rifle
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