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Condition: Very Good – 252 Pages

The Great Guns is a sampling of the most outstanding firearms produced in the 700 year history of shooting. It is a study of the fine craftsmanship and mechanical ingenuity. These are examples of the finest firearms of their era and many remain the most rare and valuable. Enhanced with numerous full color pictures.

Examples include the following:

  • The Devil’s Invention – Hand Cannons and Matchlocks
  • Arm of the Noble Huntsman – Wheel Locks
  • The Mighty Flint Musket
  • Myth of the Thunder Gun – Blunderbuss
  • A Matter of Honor – Dueling/Target Pistols
  • A Miracle of Accuracy – Jaeger rifles
  • Born in America – Kentucky rifles
  • Pistol of the Highland Warriors – Scottish pistols
  • The Classic Smoothbore – Fowlers
  • Dawn of the Modern Arms – Early Self-contained Cartridge
  • Multiple Threats – Flint and Percussion Knife pistols
  • Arms of the Plainsmen
  • Death in a Pocket – Deringer pistols
  • Hybrid of the Battle Fields – Enfield/Springfield Muskets
  • Greatest Single-shot of All – Rolling block rifles
  • Colonel Colt & Captain Walker – Cap & Ball Revolvers
  • Trail of the Lever-action
  • The Most Dangerous Game – Howdah pistols & Double rifles

Printed in 1971 – 1st Edition – 373 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good – Retired Library Book.


Authors – Harold L Peterson & Robert Elman

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Used – The Great Guns
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