Used – The American Gun – Vol 1 – No 3 – Summer 1961



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Condition: Good – 96 Pages

The American Gun – Volume 1 – Number 3 – Summer 1961 is a hard bound magazine about guns in history and in sport. This issues is devoted to birds. It is enhanced with numerous full color and black and white pictures and drawings.

Articles include the following:

  • Why I Like Meat by J Frank Dobie
  • A Page from Larry Koller’s Cookbook
  • The Deadliest Weapon by Joseph E Doctor
  • Decption at Brushy Run by Paul I Wellman
  • The Antique Gan as a Work of Art Photography by Andreas Feininger
  • Brant: Harvest on the Marsh by Van Campen Heilner
  • Ducks: A System of Identification by Clayton Seagears
  • Woodcock: Shooter’s Challenge by Larry Koller
  • Shooting for Science in Napal by Edward Migdalski
  • On to Canada by George Tilden Orick
  • Book Bonus: A Rare Document from the Pen of the Man Who Prosecuted Bill Ryan and Frank James
  • Lve Pigeons and Clay Birds by James Rikhoff
  • Goshawk: Killer in the Forrest by Pieter Fosburgh
  • Ernst’s Bayonet Guard

Printed in 1961 – 96 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Good.


Edited by Larry Koller

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Used – The American Gun – Vol 1 – No 3 – Summer 1961
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