Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 67 – 1976 Edition – Bicentennial



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Condition: Fair – 575 Pages

This No 67 – 1976 Bicentennial Edition – Shooter’s Bible is the most complete reference guide for new products, specifications and prices on thousands of firearms and related equipment. Enhanced with numerous pictures and data charts.

Feature articles include the following:

  • The Guns of the Revolution by George M Horn
  • Competition Benchrest in the Mid-70’s by Skip Gordon
  • The Hawken – America’s First Big Game Rifle by Jim Brady
  • The Sport of Little Kings by Don Lewis
  • Today’s Cartridge-Gun Replicas by C George Charles
  • The Mauser-Parabellum, 1930-1975 by John D Walter
  • Cameras and Technique for the Hunter by Allen Chester Russell
  • Hunting Handguns by Hal Swiggett
  • Charles Newton, Designer by Robert H Reagan
  • What’s New in Wheels for the Hunter by Roger Barlow
  • What Happened to the Benders? by Robert Dana
  • There’s Gold in Them Thar Books by George C Nonte, Jr

Printed in 1975 – 575 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Fair.


Editor – George M Horn

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Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 67 – 1976 Edition – Bicentennial
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