Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 66 – 1975 Edition



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Condition: Good – 575 Pages

This No 66 – 1975 Edition – Shooter’s Bible is the most complete reference guide for new products, specifications and prices on thousands of firearms and related equipment. Enhanced with numerous pictures and data charts.

Feature articles include the following:

  • I Am the Gun. Remember Me? by George M Horn
  • The Short Automatics by Col Charles Askins
  • New Rifles by Bob Steindler
  • Latest In Shotguns by Pete Brown
  • Black Powder In Darkest Africa by George C Nonte, Jr
  • History of the BB Gun by Jeffrey Arnold
  • What’s New In Ammo. by Roger Barlow
  • New Handloading Stuff And In Old Way of Making Bullets by Bob Steindler
  • The Rise Of The Telescopic Sight – 300 Years’ Worth by C George Charles
  • Who Invented The Bowie Knife. by Robert Dana
  • Gun Seller to the Worlds: The Francis Bannerman Story by John C Rhodes
  • The Conservation Corner by Tom McNally
  • Start Them Young by Brad Ford
  • Western Hunting by Hal Swiggett
  • What’s New In Wheels For The Hunter by Roger Barlow
  • Sad Tale Of Vanishing Wildlife by Tom McNally

Printed in 1974 – 575 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – Robert Koumjian

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Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 66 – 1975 Edition
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