Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 63 – 1972 Edition



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Condition: Good – 576 Pages

This No 62 – 1972 Edition – Shooter’s Bible is the most complete reference guide for new products, specifications and prices on thousands of firearms and related equipment. Enhanced with numerous pictures and data charts.

Feature articles include the following:

  • The Conservation Corner by Tom McNally
  • New Handgun Loads Provide Extra Zip by Col Charles Askins
  • Model Firearms Legislation complied by Alan S Krug
  • How To Shoot With Only one Arm Or One Leg by Roger Barlow
  • Patterning The Shotgun by Jack O’Conner
  • New In Shotguns by Pete Brown
  • Accuracy Rifles and Varminters by Warren Page
  • Whitewing Hunting In Mexico by Stan Slaten
  • What About Lead Shot? by Tom McNally
  • What’s New In Ammo? by Roger Barlow
  • How To Load Your 22-250 As If It Were Five Different Rifles by Robert H Reagan

Printed in 1972 – 576 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – John Olson

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Used – Shooter’s Bible – No 63 – 1972 Edition
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