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Condition: Good – 502 Pages

Hunting Trails is a collection of hunting stories written by well known hunters and writers. Some of the stories are true and some are fiction, but both are guaranteed to be a good entertaining read!

Stories include the following:

  • The Plural of Moose is Mise by Irvin S Cobb
  • “Merry Xmas, Mr Williams 20 Pine Street, NY” by HG Pickering
  • White Deer Are Bad Luck by AR MacDougall Jr
  • Three Men and a Buck by William A Miles
  • Two Eyes that Shone as One by Edmund Ware Smith
  • The Conqueror by Maxmillian Foster
  • Warwick Woodland by Frank Forester
  • The Seven Good Hunters by Rufus King
  • The Best Wingshot in the United States by Ed Zern
  • Algonquin by Dion Henderson
  • The Wrong Gobbler by Archibaid Ruteledge
  • Mollie by Paul Hyde Bonner
  • Broccoli by Nash Buckingham
  • The Magic Rifle by Raymond R Camp
  • The Huntsman at the Gate by Almet Jenks
  • ‘Possum Up de “Simmon Tree by Havilah Babcock
  • Moose in the Snow by GE Bulger
  • An Old-Time Michigan Squirrel Shoot by Stanley Waterloo
  • A Hunting Party by Captain Mayne Reid
  • Royal Elk by Verne Athanas
  • Hungarian Partridge and Prairie Chicken by Ray P Holland
  • Grizzly Bear by Saxton Pope
  • The Alaskan Grizzly by Harold McCracken
  • Blue Ghosts of the Moraine Hills by Russell Annabel
  • In the Land of the Sladang by Edison Marshall
  • With Slashing Tusks by FD Duncan
  • The Bachelor of Powalgarh by Jim Corbett
  • Clients, Brave and Otherwise by JA Hunter
  • The Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway
  • Killers in Africa by Alexander Lake
  • Venator by Izaak Walton
  • John Jorrocks by Robert Surtees
  • The Muckle Hart of Benmore by HC Watson
  • Connemara Nellie by Paul A Curtis

Printed in 1961 – 502 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Editor – Raymond R Camp

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Used – Hunting Trails – A Sportsman’s Treasury
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