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Condition: Good – 95 Pages

This is the first book of it’s kind dedicated to the Hawken “Rocky Mountain Rifle”; containing the chronological study of the famed St Louis Hawken rifle – garnered from the author’s life long research. It contains invaluable and timeless historical and characteristic data unique to the original Hawken rifles. It is enhanced with numerous pictures and diagrams.

Topics include the following:

  • Chronological Record of Events Connected with the Hawken Shop
  • The Hawken Customer
  • Jacob and Samuel Hawken, St Louis
  • Early Hawken Rifles
  • Full Stock Hawken Rifles
  • Mariano Modena Rifle
  • Engraved Hawken Rifles
  • Hoffman and Campbell, A Hawken Subsidiary
  • Hawken Rifles for the Mountain Man
  • The Slant-Breech Hawken
  • Firearms Other than “Mountain Rifles”
  • Spencer-Hawken Conversions
  • JP Gemmer, Successor to the Hawkens
  • Identifying and Dating Hawken Rifles
  • Modern Hawken Replicas
  • Miscellany

Printed in 1976 – 6th Printing – 95 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition:Good.


Author – John D Baird

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Used – Hawken Rifles – The Mountain Man’s Choice
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