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Condition: Very Good – 306 Pages

Beautifully bound with Saderra pigskin leather, gold embossed with Moire fabric end papers, this book was printed for the National Rifle Association’s members of the Firearms Classics Library.

The author takes the reader on a progressive history of the weaponry used taming the West. Enhanced with numerous schematics and black and white pictures.

Contents include the following:

  • How Guns Began
  • The Kentucky Rifle and Pistol Head West
  • Flintlock Pistols on the Frontier
  • Musket, Rifle and Carbine: American Martial Shoulder Arms
  • Pepperboxes: Percussion and Cartridge
  • Pocket-sized Death: Development of the Famous Deringer
  • The Voice of the Derringer: Imitations, Counterfeits and Competitors of Deringer’s Pocket Pistol
  • Twilight of the Derringer: Breech-loading Cartridge Types; the Derringer in Transition
  • Captain Walker’s Gun-Hunt: Early Colt Revolvers
  • Martial Percussion Hand Guns on the Frontier: US Martial and Secondary Martial Pistols and American Martial Revolvers
  • Johnny Kept His Gun: Confederate Firearms in the West
  • Revolving Shoulder Arms and Related Weapons
  • When Colt Was King: The Immortal ’72 Model Peacemaker and Others
  • Gunsmoke over Powder River: The Winchester Rifle
  • The Indian Campaigns: US Martial Arms of the Post-Civil War Era
  • Buffalo Guns and Hunters
  • The Shotgun Guards the Stage
  • The Guns of Teddy Roosevelt

Printed in 1995 – 306 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Very Good.


Author – Charles Edward Chapel

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Used – Guns of the Old West
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