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Condition: Good – 185 Pages

This Guns and Shooting Yearbook – 1985 offers a compilation of articles written by noted people in the shooting industry. It includes numerous pictures, charts and schematics.

Articles include the following:

  • Rifles
    • The Ideal Big-Game Rifle by Bob Hagel
    • The Springfields Story by Dr Thomas E Mott
    • Today’s Semi-Auto Big-Game Rifles by Edward A Matunas
    • Remington Model 700 by Layne Simpson
    • .36-06: The American Standard by Finn Aagaard
    • Marlin: Where The Lever-Action Is Still King by CE Harris
    • Shilen Rifles by Col Charles Askins
  • Handguns
    • Steyr’s Oldest and Newest Pistols by Pete Dickey
    • 1911 Colt Gov’t Model .45 by Col Charles Askins
    • High Standard: The Postwar Years by Charles E Petty
    • Automatic Revolvers by Pete Dickey
    • Competition Equipment of Handgunner’s Top Professionals by Bob Thruston
  • Shotguns
    • Return Of The Side-By-Side by Jim Carmichel
    • A Seminar For The Shotgun Collector by Larry l Baer
    • Enduring Shotgun Problems by Ron Forsyth
    • Why You Miss A Duck by Jim Carmichel
    • American Shotgunner Manufacturers’ & Suppliers’ Guide to Choke Tube Systems by Bob Thruston
    • The British Gun Trade by Tony Jackson
  • Muzzleloaders
    • The Possible Bag by Russ McClelland
    • Selecting A Round-Ball Caliber by Sam Fadala
    • Rolling Paper Cartridges by Russ McClelland
    • Black-Powder Deer Rifles by Rick Hacker
  • Ballistics, Ammunition and Handloading
    • The .22 CHeetah – A Faster Cat by Jim Carmichel
    • Don’t Point To The Bullet by Finn Aagaard
    • A Well-Planned Loading Bench by Wiley Clapp
    • The Olin Ball Powder Story by Layne Simpson
    • How To Find Hard-To-Find Cartridges by Pete Dickey
    • Developing Pet Loads by Ken Waters
  • Alterations and Improvements
    • Fiberglass Stocks Are Here To Stay by Jim Carmichel
    • The Classic Shotgun Alteration Taboo by Bill Wise
    • Building A Practical Pistol by Ken Hackathorn
    • Firearms Restoration: The Unseen Art by Daniel and Melissa Cullity
  • Appendix: Annual Update
    • Gun Developments by Jim Carmichel
    • Scope Developments by Jim Carmichel

Printed in 1985 – 185 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Good.


Authors – Editors of Outdoor Life

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Used – Guns and Shooting Yearbook – 1985 – Outdoor Life
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