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Condition: Good – 288 Pages

The Autoloading Pistols contains all the information on these pistols; from how they work, different models, ammunition and how to shoot them. It is full of illustrations.

Topics include the following:

  • The Long Quest for Firepower
  • Operating Principles of the Autoloading Pistols
  • Rimfire Autos
  • Compact Autos
  • Pocket Pistols
  • Military & Police Autos
    • 9mm vs. .45 ACP
    • Smith & Wesson 9mms
    • Air Force Custom Combat .45 Auto
  • The Big and Fancy Autos
  • The Ivy’d Halls of LFI
  • Accessories for the Autos/Auto Magazines/Improving the Breed/Classic Autos
  • Ammo for Autos, Including Wildcats
  • Sights for Autos
  • Autoloading Pistol Holsters
  • Reloading for the Auto Pistol
  • Bullet Making for the Auto Pistols
  • Collecting Trends in Auto Pistols
  • Caveat Emptor, and All That
  • The Cellini M.B.R.R.
  • Small Autos vs Snubnose Revolvers
  • Accuracy Capabilities of the Auto Pistol
  • Routine Care and Maintenance of Auto Pistols
  • Facts, Figures and Assorted Handy Dope
  • Handling Double-Action Autos

Printed in 1983 – 288 pages – Soft bound. Condition:Good.


Author – Dean A Grennell

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Used – Gun Digest Book of Autoloading Pistols
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