Used – Gun Digest – 49th Edition – 1995



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Condition: Good – 544 Pages

This 49th Annual Edition – 1995 – Gun Digest contains not only many informative articles but numerous informational charts and gun pictures and prices.

Articles include the following:

  • S&W’s Massive M&P by Gary M Brown
  • Walkin’ and Eatin’ and Huntin’ by Howard McCord
  • All Those Other 30-30s by John Malloy
  • The Joys of the Nostalgic Hunt by Robert J Robel
  • Darra Is Still There…And Still Makes Guns by Ray Rose
  • The First Practical British Hammerless by Jack Bartlett
  • Ashley Haines: An Appreciation by Jim Foral
  • From Tommy Gun to Grease Gun by Knorad F Schreier Jr
  • A New Look at the British Gun Mystique by Don Zutz
  • Boutique Cartridges are Here by Holt Bodinson
  • Early Auto Pistol Cartridges by John Malloy
  • Joseph Szecsei’s Fabulous Repeating Doubles by Holt Bodinson
  • A Modern Trail Gun by CE Harris
  • Sitting in Charlie’s Chair by Sidney DuBroff
  • Johnny Reb & His Guns by Edward R Crews
  • The 22 Rifles of World War II by Konrad F Schreier Jr
  • Make Noise to Kill Deer by Francis E Sell
  • A $600 Scope on a $200 Rifle? by Rob Lucas
  • Elmer Keith-The Man and His Books by Gene Brown
  • Poor Man’s Deer Rifle by Len McDougall
  • Shooting the Ariska Match Rifle by John Malloy
  • Frontier Justice by Joan Wenner JD
  • Handguns and the Physically Challenged by WE Sprague
  • Roving with Kephart by John Ross
  • Cartridge Cases on the Trail by Sam Fadala
  • Use a Big Rifle by Ray Ordorica
  • Custom Guns
  • Coming to Terms with a 25-20 by Francis Sell
  • Art of the Engraver

Printed in 1994 – 544 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Good.


Editor – Ken Warner

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Used – Gun Digest – 49th Edition – 1995
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