Used – Gun Digest – 33rd Deluxe Edition – 1979



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Condition: Fair – 447 Pages

The 33rd Anniversary 1979 Gun Digest – Deluxe Edition is full of invaluable information for shooters and collectors alike!

Topics include the following:

  • The Remington Model 51 by Donald M Simmons Jr
  • The Browning Centennials by John T Amber
  • Sporting Arms of the World by Larry S Sterett
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Heym – A Cast Bullet Anomaly by Tom Turpin
  • Handguns Now! by George C Nonte Jr
  • Gardone Valtrompia and The Proof of Italian Firearms by Mario Abbiatico
  • Match Air Pistols by Robert E Fleming
  • Folding Knives by Sid Latham
  • Alex Henry and His Falling Block Rifles by Wal Winfer
  • Gun Proof in India by Lee Kennett
  • Gun Proof in India – A Historical Account by AG Harrison
  • European Hunting & Sporting Exhibition 1978 by John T Amber
  • Two Inches of Pleasure and Problems by Peter Barrett
  • NRA Report 1978 by John T Amber
  • Testfire Report by Larry S Sterett
  • Let the Gun Talk by Lucian Cary
  • The Garling Gun by Ernest Lisle Reedstrom
  • Steel Shot Update by Wallace Labisky
  • The Model 77 Ruger Rifle by Daniel Peterson
  • Electronic Night Sight by James D Mason
  • Bob Emmons – Stockmaker by Ken Waters
  • The Hunting Rifle Stock by Bob Hagel
  • Glow Plug Guns by Robert W Metze
  • Browning’s New Pump Shotgun by Wallace Labinsky
  • Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell
  • Want More Ducks? Build a Blind by Paul T Hennig
  • The 444/308 – Another 94 Winchester Wildcat by Myron Rockett
  • The Double Rifle – Its Care and Feeding by Jack Lott
  • Slug, Mike, Match by Robert Sherwood
  • Diminutive But Deadly by Clair F Rees
  • The Sleeping Bar by Bob Bell
  • Firearms and the English Language by Edward Damon
  • New Wheels for the Hunter by Roger Barlow
  • Long Gun Report by Larry S Sterett
  • Blue Magic Shotshells by James Neil
  • Hornady’s Frontier Ammo by Jon R Sundra
  • Steyr-Daimler-Puch/Gamba -Austria and Italy Join Forces
  • New Engraving Tool by Harry Phillips
  • Handloading Report by George C Nonte Jr
  • Custom Guns and Their Makers
  • Double Action Auto Test by Kenneth L Waters
  • Economy Double Guns – and How to Buy One by Wm Hovey Smith
  • Art of the Engraver – Masters of Metalwork
  • American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L Waters

Printed in 1978 – 447 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Fair.


Editor – John T Amber

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Used – Gun Digest – 33rd Deluxe Edition – 1979
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