Used – Gun Digest – 30th Deluxe Edition – 1976



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Condition: Fair – 488 Pages

The 30th Anniversary 1976 Gun Digest – Deluxe Edition is full of invaluable information for shooters and collectors alike!

Topics include the following:

  • Firearms in Frontier America – The Economic Impact Part 1 – 1560 to 1800 by ML Brown
  • A Solid Shooting Stance by Valvert Lucius Fox
  • William Goodwin Renwick…one of the world’s great arms collectors by James E Serven
  • Sporting Arms of the World by Larry Sterett
  • The Editor’s New Gun by Roger Barlow
  • Buffered Shot Loads – The Ultimate Step by Wallace Labisky
  • The Shooting Editor by Jack O’Connor
  • Testfire Report by Larry S Sterett
  • The H&R Free Pistol by Ladd Fanta
  • Military Proof Marks by Lee Kennett
  • Presentation Creedmore Rifle by AM Wynne Jr
  • Pistols and Revolvers – Domestic and Foreign by George C Nonte Jr
  • Four Wheel Drives – they’ll take you where the hunting is by John Lachuk
  • Latest Remington and Winchester Seminars by George C Nonte Jr
  • Reloading Today by John T Amber
  • The 6.5×55 – an old Swede by Emil S Piraino
  • Bluing and Browning Antique Arms by Robert E Colby
  • Guns-Gadgets-Gimmicks by Clarence Massey
  • Single Shot Rifles and Juglans Variorum by Jack Burres
  • Notes for Handloaders by George C Nonte Jr
  • The 9.3mm Cartridges – all but forgotten by DC Cole
  • Smith & Wesson 35 Auto Pistols – a history for collectors by Donald M Simmons Jr
  • The Practical Light Sporter by James R Olt
  • Profile of an Engraver – Robert D Swartley by Rondald Swartley
  • Europe in the Rain – France, Italy, Austria and Spain by John T Amber
  • Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission Commemorative Longrifle by Don Hartnett
  • The Great 22 Varminters by Bob Hagel
  • The Best of the Military Lugers by Robert A Burmeister
  • The Lyman Story by Mason Williams
  • Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell
  • The Pronghorn Rifle by Dan L Flores
  • Star’s PD 45 – a potent small package by George C Nonte Jr
  • The Rottwell Over-Under by Wallace Labisky
  • The Ultimate 250-3000 by Vernon E Megee
  • The Norma Powders – A Study in Red and Black by Robert Sherwood
  • Hammerli’s Newest and Finest, the Model 150 Free Pistol by George C Nonte Jr
  • Custom Guns and Their Makers
  • The Plight of the Hornet by Bob Lewis
  • Art of the Engraver
  • American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L Waters
  • NDT – Non Destructive Testing by Alfred N Weiner
  • A New Checkering Cradle by VP Kisner
  • Trouble Shooting The Ruger Carbines by JB Wood
  • Handgun Stopping Power by Kenneth L Walters
  • Lighten Those Loads by HV Stent
  • Jonh Nelson Cooper – veteran knifemaker by Walter L Rickell
  • Notes on Knives
  • Gravermeister by Thomas H Riker
  • Shooter’s Showcase

Printed in 1975 – 488 pages – Soft bound. Condition: Fair – The front cover is missing.


Editor – John T Amber

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Used – Gun Digest – 30th Deluxe Edition – 1976
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