Used – Fifteen Years in the Hawken Lode



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Condition: Good – 120 Pages

This is the second book exploring the Hawken rifles that were created in the Hawken brothers St Louis shop. It covers invaluable material gathered from years of research and examination of original J&S Hawken rifles. This must have book is enhanced with numerous pictures, schematics and drawings.

Topics include the following:

  • By Way of Beginning
  • Double Guns on the Frontier
  • That Famous Hawken Stamp
  • Round Balls & Flat Jacks
  • Fort Clark, Trading Post to the Mandan
  • And Then Came Dinglehoofer
  • Shame on You, Mr Carmichel
  • Fur Traders on the Waddapaw Menesotor
  • The Old West, As Seen by Today’s Artists
  • Plain & Fancy
  • Hawkens at 130 Paces
  • Modern Hawken Replicas
  • So You Want a Muzzleloader
  • The Rifle That Could Have Been
  • A Hawken Returns to the Mountains
  • Hawken Replicas, or Fake Hawkens?
  • Making Meat: Mountain Man Style
  • Mountain Mulies & Mountain Rifles
  • Brickbats & Roses
  • The Hawken Bug

Printed in 1976 – 3rd Printing – 120 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Good.


Author – John D Baird

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Used – Fifteen Years in the Hawken Lode
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