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Condition: Very Good – 256 Pages

This book includes the stories of major confrontations which transformed the American frontiers into a civilized, vital part of the United States. The gun played an inportant role in this transformation. The author has devoted years of research to ascertain fact from fiction in this role, and to learn precisely the types of weapons used, who used them, where, and under what circumstances they were used. Beautifully illustrated with numerous full color and black and white pictures plus drawings.

The contents include:

  • The Long Rifles
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Rifles vs Muskets at New Orleans
  • The Field of Honor
  • Manifest Destiny
  • St Louis – Pioneers’ Supply Station
  • Samuel H Walker
  • Gunsmoke Over Texas
  • Stagecoach Days & The Pony Express
  • Gun Trade in the West
  • The Canadian West
  • The Bitter Road from Gunsmoke to Peace Pipe
  • Up the Trails from Texas
  • Death Valley
  • William Frederick Cody
  • A Man Who Liked Guns

This book is a must for anyone researching the taming of the West. Printed in 1974 – First Edition – 256 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. Condition: Very Good.


Author – James E Serven

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Used – Conquering the Frontiers
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