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Condition: Fair to Good – 352 Pages

The Reader’s Digest America the Beautiful contains over 144 beautiful full-color photographs, 58 line drawings and 23 maps of points of interest in all states in the union. It also includes 60 stories about the unspoiled scenic wonders of America. The pictures alone are worth the purchase of this wonderful volume!

Topics include the following:

  • Part I – Emerald Forests, Granite Coasts
    • The Natural Look of New England by Louise Dickinson Rich
    • Maine’s Baxter State Park
    • A Notch in New Hampshire by Freeman Tilden
    • White Mountain National Forrest
    • The Weathered Peaks of Vermont by Rockwell Stephens
    • America’s Priceless Seashore by Don Wharton
    • Bewitched by the Great Swamp by Robert C Frederiksen
    • Connecticut’s Pastoral Perimeter by Joel Lieber
    • The Adirondacks
    • The Spectacle of Niagara by Wolfgang Langewiesche
    • The Hudson River Valley
    • Walking in the Allegheny Forrest bt Edwin L Peterson
    • The Wealth of Jersey’s “Barrens” by John T Cunningham
  • Part II – Mountains, Marshes and Lowland Shores
    • Delaware’s Wild Lands by Willard T Johns
    • Assateague Island National Seashore
    • Towpath Along the Potomac by William O Douglas
    • Sentinel in the Forest by Maurice Brooks
    • Nature’s Underground Cathedral by Bill Surface
    • The Blue Ridge National Parkway
    • Our First National Seashore by Don Wharton
    • The Great Smokies by George Laycock
    • South Carolina’s Sea Islands by Eugene B Sloan
    • Land of the Trembling Earth by Ben Lucien Burman
    • Into the River of Grass by Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher
    • Scenic Paradise in Alabama by John Goodrum
    • Island of Adventure by Ross E Hutchins
    • Louisiana’s Delta Country
    • Floating the Buffalo River by Bern Keating
  • Part III – Land of Long Horizons
    • Our Glorious Great Lakes by Noel Mostert
    • Fantasy in Sandstone by Freeman Tilden
    • The Indiana Dunes
    • Illinois: Heartland of America by Donald Culross Peattie
    • Wisconsin’s Twenty-Three Apostles by Howard Mead
    • Hiawatha Country by Gene Caesar
    • The Source of the Mississippi by Willard Price
    • The Glaciers’ Gift to Iowa by RV Cassill
    • Autumn Along the Missouri
    • Unpredictable Oklahoma by Angie Debo
    • Highroad Under the Big Sky by Thayne Smith and Clelland Cole
    • Nebraska’s Green Sea of Dunes by Edwin Way Teale
    • The Black Hills by Badger Clark
    • The Badlands of North Dakota
  • Part IV – Rocky Mountain Wilderness
    • The Rockies and the Great Divide by David Lavender
    • Great Sand Dunes National Monument
    • Rooftop of America by Donald and Louise Peattie
    • The Yellowstone Nobody Knows by Erwin A Bauer
    • Grand Teton National Park
    • Montana’s Mission Mountains by Helen Gere Cruickshank
    • Glacier National Park
    • Idaho: “Sun in the Mountains”
  • Part V – Red Earth and Sunbaked Sand
    • Texas’ Treasure Island by William M Hall
    • Big Bend National Park
    • My Southwest by Jack Schaefer
    • Carlsbad Caverns National Park
    • Nature’s Gaudiest Paintpot by Francis and Katharine Drake
    • Grand Canyon of the Colorado by Donald Culross Peattie
    • The Mysteries of Monument Valley by Robert de Roos
    • Arches National Monument
    • Standing-Up Country by Paul and Myriam Friggens
    • Utah’s Pocket Sahara by Joseph Wood Krutch
    • Wheeler Peal Scenic Area
  • Part VI – Land of the Evergreens and Shining Peaks
    • America’s Hot Spot by Ben Lucien Burman
    • The Many Worls of Yosemite by Donald Culross Peattie
    • California’s Majestic Sequoias by Stewart L Udall
    • Point Lobos State Reserve
    • Oue Immortal Redwoods by Donald Culross Peattie
    • Oregon – Unspoiled Splendor by Arthur Gordon
    • Crater Lake National Park
    • Scenic Storeroom of the Evergreen State by Byron Fish
    • Snowcapped Ruler of the Realm by Robert Walkinshaw
    • The Awesome Olympic Rain Forest by Ruth Kirk
    • Washington’s Wild and Rockey Shore by William O Douglas
  • Part VII – Our New Frontiers
    • The Landscapes of Alaska by Thomas M Griffiths
    • Wild Wonderland of the North by Willis Peterson
    • Oahu: The Gathering Place by Stanley D Porteus
    • Terra Infirma by Stanley D Porteus
    • Kauai: The Garden Isle
  • Part VIII – Preserving Our Natural Heritage
    • The Wilderness: A National Treasure by Orville L Freeman and Michael Fromme
    • Beyond What the Eye Sees by Freeman Tilden
    • Uncle Sam’s Forgotten Lands
    • Preserve the Grandeur of the Land by William O Douglas
  • Part IX – A Guide to One Hundred Scenic Wonders of America
    • The Northeast
    • The South
    • The Midwest and the Great Plains
    • The Rocky Mountains
    • The Southwest
    • The Pacific West
    • Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean

Comes with a 32 page soft bound insert “Life in Beautiful America” from Reader’s Digest.

Printed in 1970 – 352 pages – Hard bound with dust cover. The bottom of the cover is badly frayed. All text and pictures are good. Condition: Fair to Good.


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Used – America The Beautiful – Reader’s Digest
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