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Condition: Good – 376 Pages

Originally printed in 1883 and reprinted in 1972, this manual is considered to be the first substantial work dealing with in-depth gunsmithing. The pages are filled with timeless and invaluable smithing techniques and data. Enhanced with numerousdrawings and data charts. This is a true treasure!

Topics include the following:

  • History of the Gun
  • How Guns are Made
  • Guns Now in Use
  • Pistols Now in Use
  • On General Gunsmithing
  • Taking Apart, Cleaning and Putting Guns Together
  • Tools Required for Work, Their Cost, Etc
  • Tools, Etc and How to Make Them
  • The Work Bench
  • On Working in Iron
  • On Working in Steel
  • On Working in Silver, Copper and Brass
  • On Working in Wood
  • On Gun Stocks
  • On Gun Barrels
  • On Work on Gun Barrels
  • Tools for Breeching Guns
  • Tools for Chambering Breech Loading Barrels
  • On Gun Ribs
  • On Thimbles
  • On Rifling Guns
  • On Gun Locks
  • On Fitting Gun Hammers
  • On Nipples or Cones
  • On Springs
  • On Rods
  • On Bullet Moulds
  • Nomenclature – Locks
  • On Browning
  • Recipes for Browning
  • Miscellaneous
  • On Powder and Shot
  • Miscellaneous Recipes
  • On Judging the Quality of Guns
  • On Using the Rifle
  • On Using the Shotgun
  • On Using the Pistol
  • Vocabulary of Mechanical Terms Used by Gun Makers
  • Vocabulary of Chemicals and Substances in Varnishes, Etc
  • Calibers of Guns, Rifling, Twist of Rifling, Etc
  • Directions foe Taking Apart and Assembling Guns, Rifles and Pistols

Printed in 1972 – First Re-Print – 376 pages – Hard bound. Condition: Good.


Authors – JP Stelle & Wm B Harrison

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Used – The Gunsmith’s Manual
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