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Condition: Very Good – 451 Pages

This four volume set is the joint effort of Western Kentucky University and the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association to translate, organize and present armsmaking techniques from the mid-1770’s. Filled with invaluable and timeless information that still applies today. Each volume is dedicated to a different faction of creating a working firearm from raw materials with the aide of handmade tools, a forge, rifling machine and foundry. All volumes are enhanced with numerous pictures, drawings and schematics.

Volume I, printed in 1985 – 84 pages and written by Gary Brumfield, is an essay dedicated to flintlocks used on Colonial American rifles: raw materials, tools and technology.

Volume II, printed in 1987 – 92 pages, contains the following:

  • Two Virginia Rifles as Documents of Traditions, Shop Tools, Processes and Technology by Wallace B Gusler
  • The Golden Mean Proportion in Baroque and Rococo Firearms Design: an Art-Historical Approach by Barry C Bohnet
  • A Patchbox Release Mechanism by David Wagner
  • A Barrel Crowning Tool by David Wagner
  • Making and Using a Scratch-Stock for Forearm Moldings by Russel L Swanson

Volume III, printed in 1988 – 165 pages, contains the following:

  • Handwork and Artifice Summarized – Essay Seven – Parts Five and Six – “The Gunmaker and the Gunstocker” by PN Sprengel, Berlin, 1771 – Translated by Maria von Nicolai and John Bivins
  • The Brandenburg School of Gunmaking by George Schumway
  • Includes the foldout sketch of PN Sprengel’s 1770’s gunsmith tools, work bench, rifling machine and gun parts

Volume IV, printed in 1991 – 110 pages, contains the following:

  • Handwork and Artifice Summarized – Seventh Volume – Part Three – “The Gun Factory” by PN Sprengel, continued by OL Hartwig, Berlin, 1771 – translated by Maria von Nicolai, Gary Brumfield, Harold Gill Jr and Harold Gill III
  • A Study of Lock Timing by Larry Pletcher
  • A Wheellock Mainspring Vice from PN Sprengel, 1771 by George Schumway

Four Volume Set – Condition: Very Good.


Authors – Gary Brumfield, Wallace Gussler

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Used – Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology – 4 Vol Set
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