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Condition: Good – 320 Pages

Written by a professional gunsmith, this publication is a Do-It-Yourself guide for kitchen table or workshop application. It contains information on how to refinish, repair, restore, checker, customize, blue, accurize and restock all with simple tools, making it a “must have” for the professional and novice alike! Enhanced with numerous explanatory pictures and schematics.

Topics include the following:

  • Getting Started
  • That First Project
  • Stock Finishing
  • Pads, Plates, Swivels and What to do About Them
  • Checkering & Carving
  • A Place to Work
  • Hand Tools and Measurements
  • Power Tools and How to Use Them
  • Lathe Lore
  • Soldering & Welding
  • Sights to Behold
  • The Clean Scene
  • General Repair Techniques
  • Barrels Needn’t be a Bore
  • Angles for Antiques
  • To Polish & Jewel
  • Blue, Brown or Plate?
  • The In-letted Stock
  • A Matter of Custom
  • Custom Accessories
  • The Next Step
  • Directory of Gunsmith Suppliers
  • Tools of the Trade

Printed in 1972 – 320 pages – Soft bound Condition: Good.


Author – Ralph T Walker

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Used – Hobby Gunsmithing
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